Section 1: Between Rangiora Avenue and Westminster Street
New on-road parking

We have created some new on-road parking between Winger BMW and Placemakers, and phased out the informal footpath parking on the footpath. 

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This on-street parking between Placemakers and Winger BMW is available at all times except during the busy morning peak (Monday to Friday, 7am to 9.30am) when a clearway operates. The clearway means there are still two lanes for traffic. After 9.30am, and at all times on weekends, people need to merge into one lane just after the pedestrian crossing near Placemakers.

These changes have allowed people on bikes and on foot to use the upgraded walking and cycle paths as intended, without having to negotiate vehicles parked on the footpath or watch for people driving or reversing along the path.

Why this solution?

The informal footpath parking has been progressively phased out. Some new on-road parking was installed in March/April 2018 for businesses along the route.

What the changes mean:
  • There are about 70 new on-street car parking spaces north of Westminster Street, between Winger BMW and Placemakers’ driveway.
  • This parking is available at all times except during the busy morning peak, Monday to Friday 7am-9.30am, when a clearway is in place. 
  • Apart from during the morning peak, drivers have to merge from two lanes to one just after the pedestrian crossing near Placemakers and Rangiora Street.
  • There are still two lanes for traffic during the morning clearway (no T2 or bus lanes are proposed at this stage). 
  • In Westminster Street the P60 restriction was changed to 9am-6pm.
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  • The feedback period on proposed traffic changes (resolutions) for this project was 26 September to 16 October 2017.
  • Councillors approved proposals to create the additional car parking and extend the upgrade of the pathway to the Tinakori Road intersection in late November 2017.
  • The upgrade work happening on Hutt Road was completed in late 2018 except for the widening of the Kaiwharawhara Stream bridge. Work on this began in late August 2019 and will take about two months.

Read the Traffic Resolution Report that went out for consultation.


We received feedback from the community about this project. Click here to view the summary graphs.

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